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How can We help you?

When you walk through the door at Bis you can expect a warm welcome, a cup of tea or coffee and a thorough chat with one of our experienced consultants about what you’re looking for.

At Bis we genuinely want to find the most suitable role for you, whether it’s a temporary or permanent position. We’re not all about the numbers, we’re wholly people-focussed and all love what we do. We’ll ask you about your background, aspirations and what makes you tick to help us match you with your next dream role.

We meet all our candidates and clients face-to-face so we have a full picture of exactly who we’re sending where. This ensures that it is the right match and that both candidates and clients are happy.

Our collaborative approach as a team ensures every opportunity that comes our way is open to you. At Bis, all consultants work closely together on each role that comes through the door, and because we get to know all our candidates and clients, we are able to offer you great advice and access to the most suitable positions we’re working on.


We offer a client and candidate referral scheme
If you recommend a company who use us, either to place a permanent candidate or book a temp for a minimum of 4 weeks, we offer £100 of vouchers from your favourite store!
Additionally, if you have any friends who are looking for work, we offer £100 vouchers if we place them in a permanent position.

Each month we ask our clients to nominate a temporary employee from bis that they feel has excelled in their placement.

Meet our 2019 Temps of the Months so far...