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Mental health in recruitment

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Having worked for Bis for 7 years now (my 7th Bis birthday was on 1st May), I think it’s safe to say I’ve been through the ups and downs that come with working in the recruitment industry. There are certainly times when working in recruitment that you need a really thick skin. My skin, I must say, isn’t as thick as I’d like it to be sometimes.

Usually I’m a very upbeat and positive person but sometimes the lows can get the better of even the most positive of people! I certainly experienced this a few weeks ago. Putting aside the fact I’m planning a summer wedding and selling my flat (neither of which were going smoothly at the time and two very stressful things in themselves), I was additionally having a real spate of bad luck at work.

After a rocky start to the year and specifically a week where everything I touched definitely wasn’t turning to gold at work, I declared myself as having not the Midas touch, but the Sadim touch, which, we discovered, isn’t just Midas spelt backwards but it really is the opposite of Midas touch. I’ll be the first to admit I was pretty low, and definitely not fun Charlotte to be around at that time.

I knew I had to pick myself up, dust myself off and pull myself together before this looming dark cloud got the better of me. After chatting things through with my lovely managers, my half empty glass began to be half full once again. I made sure I took time to reflect on everything and reminded myself that things would all work out in the end, which of course they did.

Thankfully, despite the highs and lows of working in the recruitment industry, we’re a very happy bunch at Bis, but of course everyone has their down days sometimes. If you feel your glass is half empty and it needs turning on its head, here are some top tips on how to cope with stress and anxiety at work:

  • Don’t wait until breaking point before seeking help

  • Chat to your colleagues about how you’re feeling

  • Enlist the help of your manager or supervisor - don’t suffer in silence, they are there to help!

  • Take time out from your busy day by going for a walk at lunch and getting away from your desk

  • Try to keep a positive attitude, you always have a choice, and there’s always a solution

  • Stay calm - and breathe… 

It’s very easy for things to get on top of us during busy and stressful periods, especially when things seem to be continuously going wrong. But it’s okay to ask for help, whether it’s from colleagues, friends and family, or a professional. The key thing is to share how you feel with others so that they can give advice and help point you in the right direction. There’s always someone there to listen, no matter how big or small your problem may be.