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Numicon & Makaton meets Toilet Twinning

I embarked on my second Toilet Twinning presentation a couple of weeks ago. This time I went to The Michael Tippett School, a wonderful school near Dulwich for children with disabilities and severe learning difficulties.

They had asked Toilet Twinning to come in and give a presentation to the children, as they had twinned not only one, but six out of their seven toilets! They were also in the process of raising even more for the charity.

As I was presenting to children, I had to ensure my presentation was clear, easy to understand and engaging for both the little ones and their teachers.

I certainly learnt a lot doing this. Never before had I heard of the tools they asked me to use - makaton and numicon. For those who like me don’t know what either of these are, here’s the lowdown. Makaton is a sign language programme designed to provide a means of communication to individuals who cannot communicate efficiently by speaking. Numicon is a teaching resource designed to help children visualise numbers (which on looking at them I realised we had when I was at primary school - who knew?).

As for putting these into the presentation, I did an exercise with the children around numicon but as for makaton, well I only got as far as learning the sign for toilet. Quite appropriate really. If there was a word I was going to learn the sign for then it was going to be toilet.

After many hours putting together my presentation which had a lot of references to both poo and toilets, I was pleased with the result. Roll on the next one!


The Toilet Twinning logo, if you would like to twin your toilet, give me a call, 020 7637 6770.


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