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Helpful CV tips

Writing your CV is one of the most important tasks in your search for a new role. Your CV is your opportunity to be offered an interview for that dream position.  So there is no point throwing it together and hoping for the best. Writing and formatting a CV can take a long time!

 Here are a few helpful tips to get you started when writing your CV:

  1. Make it clear and concise: You want to ensure that it is written in good English, and is easy to follow.

  2. Ideally your CV should be no more 2 pages, it doesn’t need to be war and peace, keep it simple but include all relevant information. 

  3. Ensure that your formatting remains the same and follows throughout your CV. Make sure that the text size, font and spacing are the same. Nothing looks worse than a CV which looks like it has been cut and pasted from multiple documents.  

  4. Never use Comic Sans. NEVER.

  5. Watch out for your punctuation and make sure that every ‘i’ is written ‘I’ 

  6. Keep your personal information to a minimum. We don’t need to know your age, gender, whether you have a full driving license or no license at all. Your mobile, email, address and LinkedIn profile are more than enough. Don’t bombard the reader with information that will not make any difference to your job search.  

  7. The about you/profile section should be short, sharp and punchy. Get across who you are, what makes you tick and what it is you are looking for next, especially if it is different to what your CV might suggest. 

  8. Employment should be put in chronological date order, starting with your most recent role and working backwards. Ideally we suggest you write your duties as bullet points, making it really easy for the recipient of your CV to be able to read easily what it is you have done in each role.  

  9. If you have notable achievements under your belt, this is definitely worth mentioning. If you have doubled sales revenues, by how much? 

  10. If you do put an Interests section on your CV, make sure it is interesting, not the ‘I like to socialise with friends and try new recipes’ 

  11. Finish the CV with ‘References available upon request’, it is The End equivalent and draws it to a close in a smart way. 

  12. Check and check again!


Good luck putting your CV together, it can be a daunting task. However once you have begun it will start to fall into place. We are happy to offer advice on your CV or maybe ask a friend? They may spot things you had not noticed before.