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Welcome Matt and the Wine Gums

It’s Monday 5th November. The winter is forcing itself upon us. Just as the days are becoming shorter and the nights grow darker, I find a light at the end of the tunnel.

That light is Bis Recruit.

For several months, I had been in pursuit of new employment. I was working in education, whilst at the same time venturing into an entrepreneurial abyss, in an industry I had fallen out of love with. I was applying for jobs I knew I could execute with my eyes closed, but my CV didn’t prove this to potential employers. In fact, my CV made me look confused, like a child who’d been given five pounds in his favourite sweet shop and didn’t know what to spend it on. Ironically, I know I’d spend every single penny of that five pounds on wine gums.

Feeling like I was banging my head against a brick wall with increasing intensity, I remembered I need not struggle alone, one of the bangs obviously knocked some sense in. Prior to my current employment, Bis had been there to help. I picked up the phone and in no time, I was in a meeting at their friendly and welcoming office. I no longer felt like a blindfolded boxer swiping at a moving target, I now had Ali, Frazier and Sugar Ray, with all their years of experience, in my corner and guiding me blow by blow.

The CV was sorted, procedure planned and so the quest continued.

It wasn’t long until different options and new opportunities were being sent my way. Opportunities and options that would have been just a dot on the horizon, without the weight of a company like Bis behind me. Some I was keen on, some not so much. One, I interviewed for and was successful, but something wasn’t quite right and after much deliberation, I declined their kind offer.

Then one evening after work, I was invited to Bis for a meeting. This time something was different. They didn’t have a role with any of their clients for me to assess, they had a role to work alongside them, in their office.

From the moment I walked into the Bis office, back in 2013, I admired and respected not only the way they worked, but the environment, team and atmosphere they created; warm, engaging and personable. After going through their interview process and being offered a Consultant position, I was truly buzzing.

I return to that child in the sweet shop. However, this time the confusion has evaporated as I point all the way up to the highest shelf, ‘Five pounds of your finest wine gums please, sir’.