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Charlotte helping flush away poverty!

I discovered Toilet Twinning after seeing framed pictures of toilets (which clearly weren’t from this country), in a couple of bathrooms I had frequented. Wanting to find out more, I decided to look it up online and discovered it was a charity that raises funds to enable people living in poor communities to have clean water, basic sanitation and very importantly, a toilet.

Believe it or not, a staggering 2.3 billion people worldwide don’t have a loo. That’s 1/3 of the world’s population.

 I decided I wanted to do something to help, which started with twinning my own toilet at home. For a one-off donation of just £60 you can twin your loo. Not only do you get a cool framed certificate to put up with a picture of the latrine your toilet has been twinned with (including coordinates to see where it is in the world) - a great talking point - but most importantly you are helping save people’s lives.

Almost 900 children die every day from diseases linked to dirty water and unsafe toilets.

 After being involved in the twinning of 4 toilets, including the wonderful loo here at Bis Recruit, I found out I could actually do a bit more by volunteering for them. My first gig was at the Big Church Day Out in May this year. They have a Toilet Twinning stand where people can twin their toilets there and then. Many people came to the stand to twin their toilets, it was great!

 Last night I went to New Malden Methodist Church (believe it or not, in New Malden), to give my first ever talk on Toilet Twinning. A lovely group of women had spent time raising funds and at the end of my talk, presented me with a cheque for £320 for Toilet Twinning. This means they’ll be able to twin several of their church toilets and help spread the word – what a result! I had a lovely evening with them and the talk went down well. I think their favourite bit however was the toilet flushing sound at the end of the short video, this was about a 14 year old British girl who, instead of asking for Christmas presents, asked for donations to Toilet Twinning. She went out to Zambia to see what her giving means for another 14 year old and her family, which demonstrated just how great the need for a toilet, clean water and basic sanitation is. Girls especially are very vulnerable as they have to go into the bushes to go to the loo, where they can be attacked, sexually assaulted or bitten by snakes.

With World Toilet Day coming up on Monday 19th November, why not twin your toilet to help flush away poverty, one toilet at a time. Find out more on their website


Charlotte with ladies at New Malden Methodist Church

Toilet Twinning.png

The latrine in the Democratic Republic of Congo that Bis Recuit’s toilet is twinned with!